The Owners

The owners

The construction field has been a lifelong career for Marcial Obregón, President of Taylor Brock, first going to the jobs with his dad at the age of 9 and then working with him starting at the age of 15.

Marcial started his construction company in 1984 and incorporated in 1998, then naming it after his new born daughter, Taylor. Today, Taylor Brock Corporation is a family-owned company with Marcial, his wife Carla and their two children Benton and Taylor, working together. As a family business, they are creating a legacy of values for the future that is dependable and trustworthy.

Remembering that family and friends are important, Marcial and Carla take time to support their children’s passions as aspiring professional snowboarders and skateboarders encouraging them to work hard, continue their studies and to play hard. The Obregón’s are no stranger to hard work.