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Roof & Siding Repair

Roofing repairs

Roof wear-and-tear is inevitable. If you’ve noticed discoloring, or sense something is wrong, let us help. Although most of us dread roof leaks, with Taylor Brock repairs don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.

If you’re covered by a shingle roof, our expert Service Technicians are usually able complete the repair visit within an hour. If our Service Technician finds extensive roof damage which requires major repair, they will:

  • Take photo documentation
  • Review the issues with you
  • Provide you with a written estimate for the repairs
This way you have peace of mind and can make a well-informed decision.

Siding repairs

Repairing siding is a great way to save on siding. Siding is often damaged by everyday things we wouldn’t think to address. In these minor cases, catching it early is the best route to avoiding costly a replacement. Our Service Technicians will inspect your siding and photo-document the damages. Usually, if homeowners have spare siding, our Service Technicians can be complete the repair on the spot. If our Service Technician must leave to match the siding at a local supplier, or if a large replacement is necessary, they will still photo-document everything and provide you a written estimate.