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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Taylor Brock has been helping Homeowners and Property Owners since 1984. We have met every insurance restoration and construction need imaginable. These decades of experience have provided the testing grounds for us to hone our unique trades: helping you with your insurance claim and restoring your property.

Roofing companies replace roofs. Siding, window and gutter companies replace siding, windows and gutters. They’re not typically equipped to help their customers deal with the complexities of insurance claims. Taylor Brock is different. We’ve successfully helped our customers navigate through the most difficult of insurance claims.

Phase One begins with the insurance restoration aspects of your project. This includes: inspecting your property to determine extent of damage; meeting with your insurance adjuster to discuss the scope of damage; helping you verify proper adjustment of your claim, so you get reimbursed fairly, according to fair market prices.

If your insurance company is treating you unfairly and refuses to pay for damages, there is an appraisal process we can help you through. This first phase is often much more complicated and time-consuming than the construction process. As a service to our customers, the work Taylor Brock performs during the insurance restoration phase is done at no cost to you.

Once your claim has been settled, Taylor Brock will begin Phase Two. We will replace your roof, siding, windows and gutters with expert quality. A Certified Project Manager will monitor your job site every day. Our Project Managers: have passed a background check; completed training from various manufactures on proper installation; are trained in the OSHA safety guidelines.

Once your claim has been settled, Taylor Brock will begin the second phase of activity and we will replace your roof, siding, windows and gutters correctly and safely. One of our Certified Project Managers will be at the job site every day. Each Project Manager has successfully passed a background check and has received training from the various manufactures on proper installation procedures and also training on the OSHA safety guidelines.